Unboxed | Episode 14: To The Max

In Celebration of Air Max Day, we sit down with Bobby Wilson aka @BDubbJR to go through his top 5 Air Max's.
What's better than a pair of Nike Air Max's? Five! Long time friend to VILLA and sneaker-enthusiast, Bobby, shared some of his favorite silhouettes. Full transcript below:
Bobby: better shape? Brian: yeah man this is probably the best looking shoe that you got with you because everything else is traaaash! Brian: what's up everybody welcome back to another edition of UNBOXED. I'm your host Brian and Air Max month is upon us. Today for my special guest I have the one, the only, your viral sensation B-Dub Junior. Bobby: what's up guys? hey! how's it going? Brian: from the craziest T-Mac Jersey collection down to the craziest Air Max collection, what do you prefer more? jerseys or sneakers? Bobby: that's a tough question. I will probably have to say jerseys. There's a lot of people in a sneaker world that annoy me so I'm going to go with jerseys. Brian: Cool. So you got a couple of gems for us today? Some good stuff? Bobby: yeah I didn't bring any of my T-Mac jerseys, unfortunately but I got I brought a couple crazy my air max's in my collection. I'm gonna talk about my 5 favorite. Brian: let's go! Number five on our countdown we have some Nike Air Max Clot IDs. Bobby: Definitely in my top 5. The color way on these is crazy. Shout out that Kanye, even though he left the swoosh. He'll never be forgotten, but these are definitely hard to find. You can only make them on ID. The owner of Clot wore them a while back and people went crazy for them and realized that you could make them one ID just didn't have the branding around the shoe cloth on the toe box. Then the logo back on the heel. But besides that it's pretty much the exact same shoe. Brian: I got actually man, how do you feel about Edison Chen as a designer? He's had numerous Clot Nike collaborations from Air Force Ones to Air Max's. So as far as like his imprint on the industry as a designer, are you always gonna be rocking with Clot? Bobby: I think his Air Force One stuff actually is hotter than Air Max's, but I don't really rock forces too much. I'm more of a Air Max than a force guy, so that's home. We're sticking with the Air Max. Brian: Rolling through our countdown, we have number four: Air Max 97 Kashima Antlers. Bobby: These things are crazy too. The elephant print on these is what sold me. I love anything that they put elephant on. Unfortunate I didn't get them when they first came out. I think they dropped back in '06 and I didn't get them probably until 2011, dead stock though. You can see what I did to him since then (haha)! Brian: No I could definitely see your souls are almost talking to you. Bobby: They still work though (both laugh) Brian: Even though like there's not like a complete soul separation just yet.. You still wear these? Bobby: Of course!
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