The Greatest Midtop of All Time?

To the casual fan, wearing mid-tops is not a big deal whatsoever. Some may even deem the cut type to be there to go favorite when looking to cop a new pair. For the avid sneakerheads that have a more active pulse on the culture, you know that mid-tops are for the birds. Most believe that either going high or low is the only two options needed. That happy medium of mid-top is a niche that most sneakers haven’t cracked due to this mental metric. While thinking vigorously in my content corner, I came up with a quick list of mid-tops that has made a mark in the culture.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid ‘07

During a time where fitted caps and throwback jerseys reigned supreme, the AF1 was and still is held in high regard. Within this golden era of baggy clothes and long chains, the mid-top was a go-to sneaker with its simplistic build and iconic Nike ankle strap. As the era came and went, so did the momentum of the AF1 mid-top. Whether they make another wave or not, its splash on the urban scene left permanent watermarks on the game.

Reebok Question Mid

Allen Iverson broke plenty of court records on the court wearing this mid. While Allen stood at 6 feet, his stature compared to NBA standards is fairly small. Having the presence of mind while designing, Reebok made a ‘Question Low’ and ‘Question Mid’ only. Not making a hi-top version now only shifted the culture, but made it clear that the need to fulfill Iverson's needs as a player stood ahead of industry norms. It is mid-cut construction has a cool embroidery stitching around the outsole plugs that makes it stylish. Its full-grain leather and chunky midsole have made the ‘Question Mid’ a gem in Reebok’s archive box.

Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid

Now, this honorable mention comes from a lot of casual sneakerheads who are more concerned with functionality than appearance. Often, I would see folks from all walks of life wear this sneaker to do everyday tasks despite its purpose of hooping.

What is your favorite mid-top of all time? Comment below what you believe is the greatest to ever land on feet.