The Current State of Sneaker Culture

From endorsements to retailer influence, sneaker culture has never been more accessible and appreciated than it is today.

Today, there are a bunch of sneaker retailers that give enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase kicks that are extremely hard to find. We have an accredited sneaker stock market to give you a fair cost/price assessment for a shoe you want to buy or sell. There are sneaker focused events being held for new releases and socials to spend time with like-minded individuals to enjoy. Yes, times have changed.

Along with cultural shifts in the culture, influence has done the same thing. It used to be about the professional athletes and rightfully so. The athlete is the one who makes memorable plays that make that shoe model historic. Today, basketball or football players have to share the spotlight with other professionals who have influence as well.

LeBron James' current sneaker endorsement is Nike | According to Forbes, Nike chose not to match Under Armour's offer to Stephen Curry in 2013. UA and Curry extended their deal in 2015 after Curry's first of two MVP Awards. Curry will net at least $15 million from Under Armour this year.

Recording Artists: For decades, rappers have made songs referencing their sneaker of choice, or making an entire song about it. With hip-hop being the most popular genre in music, companies have sought after rappers to endorse their brands. ASAP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, 2 Chainz, and Travis Scott are just a few of the many recording artists who have signature shoe designs with brands like Jordan, Versace, Converse, and Under Armour.

Actors: Some actors specialize in performing death-defying stunts, while others promote a healthy lifestyle by working out. Blockbuster phenomenon’s Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson all have sneaker deals due to their personal pride in exercising on a daily basis. Since they all post endless videos and pictures working out, it makes absolute sense for sneaker brands to provide them shoes to run in and clothes to wear.

Travis Scott in the new Nike Air Vapormax | photo via Nike
Kevin Hart's major endorsement is with Nike.

Whether it is sports, music, or movies, the sneaker industry is influential across the board. Only time will tell what industry will tap into the culture next.