Spidey and Sneakers: A Match Made in Heaven

Spider-Man has a spectacular history with Nike.

Superheroes have become more and more prevalent within pop culture. It seems like there's a new Marvel movie every couple months, and it's working, as they're dominating the box office. Out of all the characters introduced on the big screen, none are probably as iconic as the one and only Spider-Man.

We've seen many, many variations of the live-action films. From Sam Raimi's OG Spider-Man trilogy to the disappointing Amazing Spider-Man to current Tom Holland-era Spider-Man, we've seen it all. Now, there's even an animated Spidey from Into the Spider-Verse! Some might say these movies are over-saturating the cinema sphere, but I say we want more.


One of the more interesting things I've noticed with modern-day Spider-Man is the close affiliation to Nike. From a marketing standpoint, utilizing one of the most popular staples in entertainment can prove to be very successful. It also makes characters more like-able, more realistic, and definitely, more interesting. Do I want to see a movie where the main character wears AJ1s and can swing through the city? Of course I do.

Sony Pictures recently came out with the much anticipated animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in late 2018. With all the highly-rated reviews, critics and fans alike enjoyed the movie. It stars a young Miles Morales and captures his journey from awkward teenager to young superhero.


One of the more interesting aspects of the character is his realistic nature. He's a kid from Brooklyn and is a true New Yorker. What I like the most about his image is his admiration for the coveted Air Jordan 1. As one of the more popular silhouettes in sneaker culture, Miles himself wears the classic Chicago colorway (which are actually hard to acquire nowadays).

As part of the film's promotional marketing campaign, Nike teamed up with the film's team to create a shoe just for the movie. Known officially as the Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Origin Story," these sneakers sold out quick, and for good measure too. Almost identical to the Chicagos, the Origin Story 1s have their own Spidey twist to them. For one, they are spotted on the red leather intentionally to mimic Spider-Man's own suit and abilities. The soles are icy, and the upper tab on the tongue is blue with red lettering, similar to the colorway of the classic Spidey suit. They definitely stand out and make their mark on the sneaker community.

Although Miles Morales is a great animated Spider-Man, we also have to acknowledge Tom Holland's acting abilities in the live-action portrayal. He fits the young Peter Parker character so well, with his charisma and emotionality. Throughout the Avengers franchise and his own solo movies, Tom Holland has proven he is fit to be the next generation's Spider-Man.


This past week, Spider-Man: Far From Home debuted in theaters across the U.S. After much anticipation, the movie lived up to the hype (in my opinion and many others as well). One thing I noticed right away was Peter Parker's wardrobe. Sure his outfit wasn't too crazy, but his shoe game was definitely up to par.

Tom Holland's Peter Parker was wearing another iconic silhouette from Nike: the classic Air Max 1. Although it was not the OG red and white colorway, these sneakers still caught my eye. I could spot that Air Max 1 from miles away. What I appreciated most from his shoes were the fact that they were just some general release colorways. He wasn't wearing any hype shoes, although I'm sure he could if he wanted to. These sneakers fit his character so well and they added a nice touch to the viewing.


If you're interested in the Air Max 1s worn by Tom Holland's Peter Parker in Spiderman FFH, they are in the White/Black-Wolf Grey-Gunsmoke colorway. I say this because I personally think it's such a good colorway. If Tom Holland can rock 'em, why can't I?

Animated or not, Spider-Man and Nike have a close connection, one that works incredibly well. This collaboration is great for the sneaker community and comic enthusiasts all around. I'm excited for the next Spidey sneakers to come. What do you think it'll be? I'm hoping for a Spider-Man take on the Nike Air Presto. Maybe a Venom colorway? The possibilities are limitless.