Photographer, Alex, Dominates in the Air Max 270

One word for Air Max Day: Innovation.

VILLA's very own Senior Photographer and Product Designer, Alex Foley, is marching her way through National Women's Month in the new Air Max 270. To kick off March Madness and as we gear up for Nike's Air Max Day, Alex decided to show us how to prepare in style. So, salute and fall in line. Commander Foley is taking charge.
My personal style
I like to be comfortable. Swishy pants, X-Large t-shirts and comfy shoes are always my go to. I honestly can’t focus on anything if I’m the least bit uncomfortable. Occasionally, I’ll surprise myself by wearing a crop top or boyfriend jeans to an event or party but for the most part, I’m in comfy mode.
Best memory of the Nike Air Max
Back in 2016, Nike debuted the first Air Max Con and I was able to go. I wore my Nike ID “everything elephant” Air Max 1’s. It was such a cool experience and I had the opportunity to meet new people, buy one of a kind personalized merch and even got a signed t-shirt and poster by Jamie Lee Reardin. She is one of my favorite illustrators. The event was well coordinated for the most part. I really hope they do another one in the future.
The Look
I paired it with a one sleeve black top, camo cargo pants and a leather jacket. For these I wanted to show a more edgy look. I don’t usually wear tight fitting clothing but I thought this “mainly performance but also lifestyle” shoe deserved a game changer look.
The importance of female representation during the Air Max Day
I think it’s important to recognize the female perspective in all things surrounding streetwear. We have a different way of interpreting things when it comes to fashion and footwear. I feel like we are the few authentic sneaker buyers left out there. While guys go and buy up sneakers just to resell, women are just trying to get their own size so they can wear them.
The Air Max 270 silhouette
As soon as I put this sneaker on, it hugged my heel. It’s one of the most comfortable Air Max’s I have ever worn. The air bubble pushes your heel slightly forward making it more smooth to walk and run. It keeps me in a forward motion but it’s also wide so I have more control to stop than I would a vapormax. It has a sleek look from the profile side and the air bubble is the perfect vibrancy of pink to set off the shoe. The best detail on the shoe would have to be the 270-degree air bubble. It’s the subject of this masterpiece.
The power of art
The story behind a piece of work the most powerful thing. It’s the inspiration for why we do anything. In Tinker Hatfield’s episode of Abstract: The Art of Design, he says, “Always be a storyteller”. I think that is the purpose behind all of my work, to tell a story from my perspective. Whether they love or hate my work, my intentions are to generate a response.
To young women trying to create their own path in sneaker culture...
Take risks. Don’t be afraid to fail because failure helps you grow and learn. The passion to learn is a powerful weapon that can only make you better. And also stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something. You can do anything with hard work and perseverance.
You can check out more of Alex's style at @gangsta_toast.