Sneaker of the Week: Nike Kyrie 4

Kyrie is not your usual basketball player. He is an electrifying attraction that illuminates every hardwood floor he plays on. When the competition strategies to lock down his effortless skill, Kyrie always managesssssss to break free and score. Year's of hard work made him into the champion we see today, but it is his handles and agility that sets him apart. In order to stay on top, Nike created another addition to Kyrie’s signature shoe line. The Nike Kyrie 4 is ready for you to wear and hit the court. Nike recognizes each attribute their players have and intend on enhancing those talents. Kyrie is internationally known for killer cross-overs. In order to maneuver with ease, you need a sneaker that can start or stop at the drop of a dime. Nike focused on the lower sole which has multiple pressure points when the foot is in motion. Traction enhancements were made for difficult movements to the rim. Along with attacking the rim with aggression, you need great footwork. Zipping to the whole puts a lot of weight on your ankles. The graffiti strap goes across your shoe laces to provide added support and security. Having a lock-in feeling makes you more confident in going for a lay-up.

The Nike Kyrie 4 will be out 07/14/2018 on and at select DTLR locations. Be sure to cop your pair while they are still available.