Set To Drop: Nike Air Foamposite Pro “USA”

When thinking about ‘The American Dream’, you may visualize the traditional married couple with kids, a single-family home, dog, and a white picket fence to match. For others like myself, ‘The Dream Team’ is what instantly comes to mind instead. I’ll admit that watching episode 5 of ‘The Last Dance’ has heightened my admiration for USA Basketball. The 1992 team of NBA legends set the global bar for generations to come. Since then, the world has grown accustomed to America’s elite standard of play. With the Olympics missing in action this year, the country-themed silhouette is still set to release a very reminiscent colorway.

Behind the Design

The Nike Foamposite Pro ‘USA’ is patriotic in color scheme, while athletically sound in durability. On the court, there is a lot of physical punishment feet endure when playing basketball. Foamposites are built with a practically indestructible exterior shell. Blue void is the hue of choice to cover the majority of the shoe. Mesh is the texture that keeps the Wavy vertical grooves sway upward throughout the padded upper. University red is found on the shiny swoosh placed on the quarter. White embroidered mini-checks are scattered throughout the sneaker on the mustache and forefront. Both sides of the midsole have a tonal appearance with accents of white shapes inside. Last but not least, the rubber outsole is gum light brown which adds contrast to the overall silhouette.

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro “USA” is available Thursday 06.25.20 in-store and online at