Nike 'Just Do It' Editorial Lifestyle Photoshoot

Party on Apocalypse.

When the world self destructs, build a bunker full of the Nike 'Just Do It' Collection pack and jump in. Our creative team so twisted, yet brilliantly, built the latest editorial shoot around the crazed phenomenon over the intense iconic collection. If Stephen King wrote a horror novel about Nike footwear, most of us would relate to the leading character. Plus, the blockbuster movie deal would be up for various academy awards, but I digress. The whole world is full of it. When the cork pops on the releases of this collection, watch out. We can barely contain our shopping carts. Not a new craze, but the Nike brand went to their roots to create a spectacular campaign. Without a doubt, one of the best collection packs to date. Nike flawlessly fuses heritage running and contemporary design, bringing it’s consumers the best of both worlds. The eagerness of this trend is so intense that it pollutes the air. As we upgrade our wardrobes, we might need oxygen masks to cope with the protracted air quality. An escape because you can't fill your face. Not to mention, it adds a bit of vitality to the presentation. If you have to live in a poisonous world, why not look good doing it? As with all art forms, and practical use to not choke on the bright orange gas, this shoot is all about the resonance of an idea and pure aesthetics. Our models, the cybernetic creatures, presented the idea perfectly. Create your own artistic impression when you get your pair from this collection. It's so contagious, you might not have a choice.

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