Nike Focusing on Sustainability with the Vapormax Flyknit 2021

I may be dating myself, but I recall a cartoon called, “Captain Planet” back in the ’90s. The blue and green superhero for some strange reason relied on his courageous team of kids to help him battle against pollution on Earth. Initially, I felt like my contributions could make a difference and ultimately change the globe for the better. Unfortunately, it takes more than just one person to make such changes occur. Today, we are living on a globe that is filled with waste that is destroying forests, bodies of water, and our overall ecosystem. Valuable (yet corny) after-school episodes are now rearing their ugly head in real life. With the unbearable amount of waste dwindling our clean environment, companies are now finding creative ways to do their part.

Nike for example is doing their part by establishing ‘Nike Sustainability’ which is fully committed to the goal of zero carbon and zero waste by developing recycled shoes and clothing. The Nike Flyknit is engineered by using 60% less waste than typical materials used to make kicks. From turning millions of water bottles to build out the upper of this innovative model, Nike is pushing the envelope by using recycled polyester and organic cotton materials to make the sneaker. As more and more individuals are being eco-conscious to live a go green lifestyle, you can imagine the anticipation for the brand new ‘Nike Vapormax Flyknit 2021’.

Having the best of both worlds, this sneaker is eco-friendly and has an imperial design that doesn’t compromise the style nor planet. The digitized text of ‘Vapormax’ is prominently seen on the elevated pull tabs. Upgraded from last year's iteration, the shoe is equipped with a ‘Flyease’ tightening system for the cross country runner looking for security with every stride. Speaking of security, the sock liner is perfect for feeling stable while on concrete sidewalks or vigorous terrain alike. Bright white eye-stays compliment the metallic grey upper, while black insoles provide contrast within. Following suit is the legendary ‘Swoosh’ that shares a white shell alongside the black outline. Recycled regrind rubber was used to help build out the translucent Vapormax cushioning unit at the bottom for needed traction and create texture. With a marble finish on the heel clips and toe caps, this model lives up to the hype for sure.

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