Nike Daily Drive: Winston Robinson

Who are you and how did you get started playing basketball?

I am Winston Robinson and I got started playing basketball by watching my older Brothers around the age 4-5. Growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia it was one of the only outlets. It's lead me to travel the world and meet others that share the same ideas and passions.

What has basketball done for you mentally?

Basketball saved my life by changing my mental fortitude. It made me optimistic but also confident. It installed perseverance but also a mental safe haven, an outlet from my toxic environment.

What keeps you motivated?

My spiritual attachment to god, My friends and family. My competitive nature to be better than who I was yesterday.

Any message people in your community during this time?

A message to my community during these times would be to stay together because we need each other more than ever. To keep in mind that we are all in it together and to push each other for better, like teammates and not as enemies. Love each other and invest in the youth so they are more knowledgeable and to avoid the mistakes we’ve made.