Nike Daily Drive: Tim Huff

Who are you and how did you get started?

My name is Tim Huff, or Huff for short, and I'm the Creative Director at REC Philly.

I got started as a public relations intern for Broad Street Music Group (which would later evolve into REC.) From there i've been Social Media Director, Content Director & now sit as Creative Director.

I always found peace in getting lost in music, film, style & design and those early interests have helped shape my eye & taste creatively.

What are the best / most challenging parts of being a creative director?

Oddly enough I think the best & most challenging parts of being a Creative Director are the same thing, both the freedom and the responsibility that comes with the position. Being the head of a creative team has always been a dream of mine and having the opportunity to bring your ideas to life for a brand you love is a feeling that's hard to match. But on the flip side knowing that you're responsible for the ideation, executing & results of those ideas can paralyze you if you let it.

What’s keeping you motivate during these times?

The idea that I can be the inspiration for someone coming up, that I couldn't find when I was younger.

How do you deal with stress/anxiety?


With digital taking up most of our lives. I tend to find my most peaceful & relaxing state when I'm not in front of a screen or easily accessible.

I love to get away whether that's riding my bike with only my iPod on me. Digging through magazines for inspo, listening to my record collection or just being outside.

Any message for young creatives?

Lean into what you like and support your other creative friends.

It may not seem like the biggest thing, but support in the creative industry goes A LONG WAY.

Also knowing what you like and what you're into is more important than you think. As you get older people stop making decisions on what they like and start going with what is popular. Don't be that person. Define your own style & develop your own taste.