Nike Daily Drive: Armani White

Everyone has that certain something inside that keeps them going. Now more than ever it’s important to not lose focus on the things that make you who you are. The idea to “Just Do It.” is a powerful one that can lead to greatness. Join us as we share the stories of unique individuals within our communities and what drives them to succeed for not just themselves, but the people around them.

Who are you and how did you get started in music?

I’m Armani White, I grew up in a musical family, all of my uncles and grandfathers played instruments. I always wanted to pick up an instrument but never got around to it. I sort of picked up rap as a hobby at first but then I saw the artistic side of it and then started focusing more on it to amplify my voice.

Any upcoming projects?

Nothing too specific, I’m tying up a capsule that narrates everything I’ve gone through personally through the pandemic. Right now we’re wrapping up a few records and just focusing on dropping more new music. It’s the first time I’ve been home for this long of a period so I’m just trying to create as much as I can.

What’s keeping you motivated right now?

Definitely the creative process, having the time to make as much as I want to make with no pressure. When the world is open you feel like you’re racing, when the world is still you feel a lot more freedom. It feels more liberating to create during these times.

What have you been doing during the Pandemic?

Stocking up content has been key during the pandemic. Focusing on direct to consumer strategies. I started selling so much merch at the beginning of the pandemic selling and shipping out all product myself to my fans and supporters.

Any words of advice to people in your community?

Be colorful, take your pain and throw it at the wall. If it’s a big ball of red watch a rainbow come out. Take the pain and trauma you’ve had, throw it at the wall and watch something beautiful come out of it. Be colorful.