Nike Celebrates Ten Years at 21 Mercer in NYC

Nike's high-concept shop in SoHo celebrates 10 years of business. The shop continues to offer some of the coolest, forward-thinking sportswear available.

Last week was a milestone for Nike as they celebrated a 10-year existence within the SOHO community in New York City. To bring in a decade of triumph and trials, VILLA was lucky enough to bare witness to the 21 Mercer celebration. Those unfamiliar with the iconic Nike store that has made its home at the end of Mercer street, this is where the magic happens. From the most exclusive releases to your favorite artists, athletes, and influencers-- this is the place that welcomed many. Nike hosted a private event with a panel of experts to talk about community, history and product of 21 Mercer. Such hot topics like the evolution of the Off-White brand within the sneaker community to the sneakers app were covered. It was an evening with an open discussion on what's currently going on and what's to come. It was truly amazing how open the dialog was back and from panel to audience. The room was decorated with a custom display of original bespoke product and some of the limited releases. There was also a very limited amount of artist collaboration tees for sale. I remember my first experience 6 years ago at the original 21 Mercer and how amazing the space was. Coming back as they celebrated 10 years just proved great testament to why I love sneakers and even more excited for the future of Nike.

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