Hypefest 2018

Street style phenomenon, Hypebeast, launches its first ever festival.

Culture and experience collided this past weekend at the Brooklyn Navy Yards during the first Hypebeast Festival, otherwise known as Hypefest. Hypebeast’s premiere 2 day event was nothing short of interesting. Brand after brand showed up with limited apparel and product to showcase for festival attendees. Even La Flame himself had to come see what the commotion was about. For more scoop on what our team witness, scroll through. One of the most notable booth's there was the Acronym booth. You might have recently seen people going crazy over their recent collab with Nike. Errolson Hugh, is one of the industry's top designers and creative leaders. Always breaking the boundaries by bringing future / tech designs to life. Starting Acronym in 1994 as a creative agency, they are now one of the top leading brands in streetwear. He's a lot nicer than he looks, I promise. Not only was there a unique consumer experience, but we were accompanied by celebrities and artists from the community. It was really nice to be able to walk up to some of the industry’s leaders and be able to talk and ask questions. We got to see really great moments like the one above with Sarah Anelman (Colette), Ed Banger, and Haze.

“We’re trying to create an experience for different people and fans,” Kevin Ma, founder and chief executive of Hypebeast, said. “Anyone can come, we just want to provide a platform for people to be inspired.”

Legendary New York City graffiti artist Futura, was in full force at Hypefest. Not only was he doing live signings and paintings, but there was tons of limited prints available for purchase as well. Futura's work dates back all the way to the 1970's even having shows with Keith Haring and Jean-Michelle Basquiat. Fashion, art and music co-existing without any chaos was a sight for sore eyes. All purchases were made via app and were to be shipped within 3-5 days. I really liked this concept of integrating technology and commerce. It also lessens the the mess of resellers fighting over spots in line and freeing up space to actually walk the floor. One of my personal favorite moments from the weekend was an amazing DJ set by two of the worlds best. Atrak (Fools Gold) and Busy P (Ed Banger). If anyone got caught up in the French electro wave of JUSTICE, Ed Banger was responsible for all of it. Seeing these 2 legends goofing off and playing music back to back for hours was definitely a rare treat. Photos: Tyler Glickman.