A Closer Look at the Nike LeBron 17 “James Gang”

Team spirit is a universal concept that can turn a person’s selfish ways into one common goal for the embitterment of the group. In fact, team spirit is what erases our many societal intersections and focuses on the similar love we have for our respected teams. People from all walks of life spend their hard-earned cash to purchase sports memorabilia, home/away games, and any other entertainment pertaining to their favorite roster. Indeed, it is amazing how the wild world of sports can create lifelong brand loyalty.

Today, there is a very noticeable shift that the naked eye may not see. NBA enthusiasts are now die-hard fans of players than teams. Whether their #1 athlete is playing for the home team or not, they will switch jerseys in a heartbeat. One of the biggest inspiration who took his talents to South Beach is LeBron James.

LeBron is an Ohio phenomenon that was drafted from high school straight to the NBA. Being selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers was a hometown hero story unlike any other. After a few seasons and years of shortcomings, LeBron decided to leave Cleveland Cavaliers and join the Miami Heat. If you were a fan of King James but loved the Cavs, you had to choose between keeping 23 or wearing 6. Eventually, LeBron switched back from 6 to 23. Today, there are newfound Laker fans wearing James' latest jersey because of their loyalty to LeBron. In a way, people have a love for basketball players equivalent to a family member.

Behind the Design

Nike wanted to recognize all of LeBron fans with the 17th edition called “James Gang”. James Gang is a themed shoe giving tribute to his wife and kids. Nike spared no expense with all of the cool features on this royal silhouette. Upper is black knitted with multicolored pebble stitching. Hovering the tongue is a fierce lion with laser red eyes. Immediately underneath is ‘James Gang’ and the iconic ‘LJ’ logo. The advance Air unit is neon speckled inside of a translucent/white outer sole blend. Glossy swooshes grace the heels, while signature insoles authenticate the sneaker for all to see.

Nike LeBron 17 “James Gang” is out on 2/21 on dtlr.com and at local DTLR/VILLA locations.

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