TimberlandWinter Extreme 9" Superboot

Hitting the shelves for another DTLR Villa exclusive release, the Timberland "40 Below" Super Boot has always been one of nostalgia and exemplary footwear. The premium burgundy Super Boot, King of all 40 below boots, is reminiscent of the early 90s style and captures the essence of today's young, highly connected Timberland fashion enthusiasts. Inspired by streetwear and hip-hop culture, this well-crafted silhouette conveys a significant amount of strength and power.


Timberland KING 40

Triple Bubble Collar

For and extra comfortable fit

Oversized D-Rings

Anti-slip D-ring Hardware with pewter finish and custom 100% recycled nylon laces engineered to stay tied

Highway Leather

Waterproof, seam-sealed construction keeps feet dry in any weather

King of New York vs. Woods of New York

Our limited release was developed for any challenging obstacle. From the harsh climate of Alaska to the long treks through the city, the Superboot is constructed to make these conditions easiest with exclusive Highway leather. Highway is the name of a premium tannage, inspired by the original Krymp Oxide leather used to build the first Super Boot. The d-rings are pewter hardware finish. Enjoy this iconic number and prepared for the all toughest tasks ahead.

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