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He’s always been inspired by the changing culture and landscape of NYC. Growing up a skateboarder, photographer and avid sneaker collector, New York has always played a vital role in shaping his work. Champion was and has always been a brand that is not only important to him today but has deep ties to his foundation as a creative.




She is influenced by the art of making things with her hands. Specifically in the city of Philadelphia she has found her creative style through design. Now, as a photographer, designer and sneaker collector she continues to push the boundaries of her crafts and make an impact on others in the industry.




27 year old, freelance photographer based out of Fort Worth. Beginning in the field of graphic design work, I have transitioned to photography almost full time in the recent years. My main goal is to give new and fresh angles of some of the more iconic and local areas in the world. I viewed photography as a new challenge, took it on, and here I am today.




Art, more specifically, that of photography, has always held a deeply rooted foundation in Tayo's life. Regardless if it was the polaroids he first began with at the age of 9 or the film/dslr cameras that are now in his arsenal, it was never the technology or device that he was enthralled in but the ability to capture a moment: to be able to document the emotion, mood and aura of any certain individual in any given location at any moment in time. That's how he has and continues to champion the part form.




James first gained an interest in photography when he took a film photography class in high school. A few years later he started exploring Miami and developing an appreciation for the amazing locations that it has to offer, whether it be the different styles of architecture or the beautiful beaches and landscapes. The streets and culture of Miami really inspire his photos whether he's shooting portraits, products or just wandering around finding interesting compositions and capturing life unfold on the streets.




Tim is a self taught photographer and graphic designer with a background in audio production. He comes from a long line of creatives and has always had a passion for art.




Gene is one of Chicago’s top street photographers. He tells stories through powerful imagery taking influence from the city’s architecture and urban environment. Using heavy tones to set the mood, Gene is by far a Champion of Chicago.




Goliath is a 26 year old visual artist born and raised in the streets of Charlotte, NC who advocates for Mental Health through outreach & his artistic views! “We all have a Goliath, it’s whether we are willing to face it, live life and overcome.” After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Goliath uses his Bachelor’s degree and his visual gift to bridge the gap & lead for those who battle depression and suicide to enjoy the arts along the way.