Unboxed | Episode 5: We Go Behind The Lens With @215shooter

Without a doubt, photography is one of the most coveted forms of expression in the fashion industry. And that includes the sneaker culture. So, for this special episode of UNBOXED: In The Field, we went behind the lens of one of Philly's most creative photographers, Jerome Whitfield (@215shooter). The creative 32-year-old has been collecting sneakers since the early 2000s. He then turned his hobby into the ultimate hustle when he decided to become a freelance photographer and creative for sneaker brands we all know and love. "Sneaker photography offers an open creative platform for photographers," Jerome tells us as we follow his nighttime journey of art and style through the streets of Downtown Philadelphia. Here, the budding artist talks more about his love for sneaker culture, photography and his upcoming project, Philly Meet: a photo walk that is shedding light on unknown local photographers. Watch the video above. For more UNBOXED episodes, go to our YouTube channel!