To cap off the end of June we are going to be unboxing and talking about Jordan brands latest delivery the Gym Red Jordan 1.

Now I know what you guys are thinking these look a lot like the “Not For Resale” 1’s that released last year and you guys are correct. This is pretty much the Not For Resale 2.0 's but the main differences being from the OG and this new pair dropping 30th is the color blocking scheme.

So instead of the original black swoosh we now have a red one and on the outsole instead of red, we have black. Now diving into the materials of the Gym Red, we have a glossed out black leather as well as a plush leather toe box and side panels. A sail colored midsole and a glossed out Jordan wings logo to finish out the silhouette. Overall, pretty much the exact same thing but just with a few minor tweaks and for those that missed out on copying the Not For Resale last year, now is the perfect opportunity for you guys to grab a pair without having to shell out the Not For Resale kind of cash just to get it.

Jordan Brand is blessing us with a very clean shoe to end the month of June. Something that is simple, versatile and pretty much you can wear with anything in your closet.