Top Secret "Meet Me Here" Yeezy 350 Sign Up

It was all Bond meets Bourne, but without the weapons, when we decided to create a top secret "sign up to purchase the Yeezy 350" location. This all began with the phenomenon of the Yeezy being such a coveted adidas shoe that people would literally travel a great distance for a chance to own a pair. Paying homage to the Zebra pattern, we posted up at the Philadelphia Zoo and Snapchatted our location to our viewers with clues to our destination. Instant response, because 187 people showed up. College students from Temple, Drexel and UPenn even took time out of there summer classes to sign up. The anticipation was high because even 5 young men rented city bikes to avoid the prime time traffic so they could be the first ones in line. We hosted this "Meet Me Here" Sign Up scavenger hunt as a way to give our customers an insider tip on how they can purchase the Yeezy Boost 350. Our customers were given a "Yeezy Zebra Experience" access pass that guaranteed a secured entrance to our event that was held the next day. For highlights from the meet up, view our photos below: Also, click on the link to see a recap of our Yeezy Zebra Experience event.