The Rap Feud Continues Between Pusha T and Drake

What a time to be alive! Drake vs Pusha T? Is this really happening?

Hip Hop is at an all time high right now with a fiery OVO vs G.O.O.D. Music feud. For those who have been living under a rock, last week Pusha T’s album DAYTONA dropped and some shots were sent to the Canadian sensation about using ghost writers. Aubrey quickly responded with a track called “Duppy Freestyle,” attacking not only Pusha T’s credibility as a street hero, but also taking hits to Kanye saying, “I could never have a Virgil in my circle and hold him back cause he makes me nervous.” Not only were the bars crazy towards the Virginia native, Drizzy had to drive the knife in deeper by taking it social media and posting an invoice for “Promotional assistance and career reviving” of $100,000.00. Yikes. After Drake’s beef with Meek Mill, most would say it’s over for King Push. But coming out of the darkness with a beacon of light, we get a response from Pusha T. Don’t forget who you’re dealing with people. Pusha is one half of the Clipse and is a legendary lyricist. Pusha continued by touching on some very personal information like Drake’s secret child, 40 ‘Noah’ Shebib being sick, and ruining his plans to launch his Adidas line. I would have to say it’s 1-0 Push for now. Let’s see what Aubrey has in store as a rebuttal.