The Evolution of Copping Kicks

It is incredible how things have changed over just a few decades. What hasn’t changed is our love for sneakers.

Do you remember how easy it was to buy any shoe you wanted? Now in days, you practically have to camp out in a pitched tent overnight to hopefully cop a pair. Clearly, things have changed a great from when I was growing up. So much so, that the thought made me ponder on how in fact did this change come about?

Retail Department Stores

Convenient in distance, retail department stores are easy to commute to. Physical locations are the traditional style to attract consumers to shop in their control spaces. Retail is great due to instant access to the sneaker of choice. You have the opportunity to try on the shoe, inquire about price, and receive hands-on customer service. However, with retail having limited inventory, consumers have limited quantities of sneakers.

Online Stores

The worldwide web allowed sneaker enthusiasts alike access to a larger quantity online, than what retail stores are able to hold. On the internet, you are literally your very own sales rep searching for the category, brand, style, price, color, and shoe size. The setback shopping online is the lack of tangible assets that come with personal experience. You can’t touch the shoe to determine if you like the feel and fabric used. Also, you are unable to try on the shoe and see (in advance) is it a perfect fit. Oh, and did I mention you won’t get your shoes the the same day (shipping & handling) and have to pay more for speedy delivery? Hopefully, you will get to the point of delivery. Since the internet is easy to access, shoes sell out quicker online than in person.

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Resell Sites

When all else fails, head to a site where kick resellers have a limited amount of pairs in stock. This is great because you have a second chance to own the sneakers your heart so desires. Another benefit is the platform for negotiations (in some cases) to get the lowest price possible. Also, the human interaction online which is the best of both worlds for independence and message correspondence. There’s a notable risk factor that your new found sneakers have been worn before you bought them. And if it’s not a reputable source, your shoes might not arrive, unfortunately.