Sneaker History | Air Force 1

Classic and reliable, the Air Force 1 has never let us down. Read on to see why this Nike silhouette is top tier.

Before the sneaker craze took over pop culture, it wasn’t about the holy grail discussions and quick strikes. There was a time where consumers felt that comfortability reigned supreme. While considering comfortability, Air technology provided needed support for avid basketball players. The added ankle straps allowed players to feel secure while maneuvering on wooden floors or concrete at the park.

Yes, those were the days when the feeling was more important than the look. Now, lifestyle wear has brought interest back to tennis shoe fundamentals. AF1’s are ideal for lifestyle due to its classic look. Precise stitching and quality leather ensure durable excellence (even though you avoid toe creases at all costs). All of these features are valuable pieces to this Nike puzzle. However, it was the notorious Nike “swoosh” that captivated the hearts of sneaker collectors.

Today, there is a long lineage of AF1 types (Hi, Mid, Low), styles, and colorways. If you are not a part of history already, definitely find a pair that suit your personality.

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