Set to Drop: Women's Air Jordan 12 “Midnight Black”

Growing up, guys always seemed to have all of the cool sneaker colorways. Not this time.

Colorways for women or girl sneakers lacked versatility and usually was white, black, yellow, purple, or pink. Over the years, women have made their presence felt in the sneaker community. In response, companies expanded the color pallet and female designers were given them an opportunity to create trends. Currently, there are a few releases I wish my narrow foot could be able to fit.

The Retro 12’s are majestic materials sewed to grace to the skin of queens and princesses. The upper is covered with multiple textures and areas shaped into popular animal prints. The color of the shoe is luxuriously black with a glossy finish. The soles are pure white with the black & grey checked detail in the tarsus area of the foot. Buried treasure is found on the gold shoe lace loops and Jordan imprint tab.

The Women’s Air Jordan Retro 12 “Midnight Black" drops Friday 05/17/2019 in-store and online HERE.

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