Set To Drop: Puma RS-X3 "Puzzle"

Brain games keep the human mind on its toes.

Fun-filled activities with a challenge are what make brain games desirable for generations to come. One of the most memorable brain games in history is the puzzle. With a collection of similar pieces in front of you, each puzzle piece has to be put in its proper place. To celebrate the influence puzzles have on pop culture, PUMA made colorways inspired by the mental past-time.

The aerobic silhouette has an 80’s appeal that goes with the decade when puzzles were a global craze. For upgraded comfort, premium padding throughout the shoe makes it plush around the ankles. Puma’s rubber outsole is gigantic for needed traction. Each color used gives you a wider variety of fits to put together as well. Whether you are a jigsaw.

This silhouette will have you seeing sounds. Vibrant blocks are accented to bring the theme to the forefront. Bright graphics match the futuristic design, along with technological advances for comfortable cushioning. Textile and synthetic overlays are placed with Puma precision. The outsole rubber is universally durable to provide added grip. A colorway of this caliber is definitely a collector's item if you can get your hands on a pair.

The PUMA RX-3 "Puzzle" is set to drop Thursday, November 21st at 10AM in-store and at