Set To Drop: New Balance 'Trippy Summer' Pack

One of the most notable life quotes is “there’s nothing new under the sun”. Under the sun, comes a collection of colors that are made by what nature has to offer. When you take time out to appreciate planet Earth, you’ll quickly realize how much beauty resides in the world we live in. Keeping the quote in mind, the 1960s was a groundbreaking decade that cherished the natural landscapes that inspires an assortment of happiness and joy. This way of life grew in the ’60s until it finally bloomed in the ’70s with peaceful protests and environmentally conscious groups fighting for equality. These various forms of activism had a certain color pallet that is distinct indeed. An infusion of hues that are taken from nature’s mystery and highlighted on funky threads.

Jaden Smith is a far-out brother who has been on this groovy wavelength for some time now. I first saw it with the change in style (which he has done a multitude of times before). Since 2016, Jaden’s albums and eps have had a constant theme of featuring fluorescent pink clouds. These clouds are natural ones that come from summertime sunsets over the years. However, it seems like he has aligned in all facets. His recent project “CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3” shows 7 versions of him in psychedelic bliss surrounded by rainbows and flowers. He partnered up with his dad Will Smith to developed ‘Just Water’ which is an environmentally-friendly company. Not to mention, his sneakers using recycled materials. Across the board, he is all about saving the world we all share.

What are we sharing? Mostly, things that money can’t buy. It may sound expensive because it is. Water is something we need for our bodies to function. Music is therapeutic to the soul to feel an emotional connection. Clothing is the self-expression that not only reflects your mood but is a renewable resource for warmth and/or comfort. Jaden is covering all bases in his many ventures. The New Balance Trippy Summer Pack is continuing the Vision Racer collection with a harmonic color pallet. In the collection are two colorways that are similar in the mood but different in where the colors are placed. This differentiation is fashion-forward. All of the details are kaleidoscopic with an array of colors. The first Vision Racer has a sail silhouette, with bold color blocks by the lower guards. From the toe box down to the heel counter, there’s orange, yellow, green, purple, and pink for branded tagging. The second Vision Racer is laced in White mesh with some beige panels underneath. Everything is simple in hue until you reach the midsole that is dipped in tie-die. From red to aqua, a timeline of colors shifts to make a gradual change. I can’t forget the 60’s bubble lettering of New Balance.

The New Balance “Trippy Summer Pack” is out on 07/30/2021 on and at local DTLR/VILLA locations.