PUMA Emphasizes UNITY With Newest Collection

The COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 has literally shut down our lives, and in some cases enabled everyday people from coming together in large numbers. Despite certain physical restrictions and concerns, we have relied on the World Wide Web to stay connected. Similar to music or tasty cuisine, sports & fashion is are universal gems that people across the globe treasure now more than ever. Sports is an activity that neutralizes social intersections with the mutual passion of single/team play. Fashion is a form of self-expression that correlates to your style & mood through particular fabrics and/or text. As we all are a part of the physical form, PUMA is making sure we all are together in a message.

PUMA set aside social differences and focused on peace and love to design the globally anticipated ‘Unity Collection’. This collection allows you to take a blast from the past wearing classic silhouettes while staying present with each vibrant color symbolizing an international stand of unification. The pack celebrates the enriched sports heritage that has been created under the PUMA umbrella. Classics like ‘Ralph Sampson’ and the ‘Future Rider’ are just a few of the silhouettes that have been selected for updated styling.

Clothing has a simplistic elegance to it, choosing to design all of the apparel in solid colors black and white. Strategic in detailing, items have eye-catching pops of color that jump out at your pupils. The colors were hand-picked to represent international flagship around the globe. TFS tracksuits, backpacks, and caps all have vibrant colors to give each garment contrast throughout the designs. Accents and accessories include shimmering gold medal hardware and PUMA printed drawcords for added flare. In continuance of unity, the collection is unisex for everyone to be a part of the movement.

In conjunction with the movement, PUMA commits to donating LEAVE OUT DOLLAR AMOUNT to the U.N. COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. While the pandemic is still underway, the fund will support World Health Organizations' global efforts to handle all stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. A small action to support can make a big difference in lives today. This is definitely “A New Collection For a Better Future”.

The PUMA ‘Unity Collection’ is available in-store and online at DTLR.com.