New Balance US 990 Truck Tour: Baltimore, Maryland



First stop: Maryland! We set up shop for our exclusive New Balance release outside the DTLR store in Baltimore, Maryland. This time, we reached out to our customers in real patriotic, American flavor. And what's more American than ice cream? Ahead of the US 990 March 25th release, a dynamic patriotic ice cream truck appeared in the afternoon to dish out some delicious treats. The truck featured the "Ice Cream Man" and his handy dandy staff and crew who promoted the sneaker and chatted up passers-by while selling merch. The acclaimed stars themselves on display: presenting US 990! Our guests rocking some major NB flavor! The US 990 Tour ice cream truck stacked and stocked beautifully with more SMU merch! Accessories include a US 990 white or blue patriotic tee, a cool blue snapback hat and a bold blue tote bag! I mean, who doesn't love merch?

I scream, You scream, We all scream for US 990!!!