Jadakiss | Timberland 40 Below 'Superboot'

VILLA sat down and reminisced with Jadakiss just days after his newest album dropped, and on the eve of Timberland's relaunch of their iconic Timberland 40 Below Superboot. It turns out, Jadakiss is no stranger to the 40 Below boot. In fact, his history with Timberland reveals his love for family and for the sneaker/boot craze-phenomenon. He remembers not being able to fit into the pair of Timbs that he wanted, and also knowing the size of the movement that the boots represented. His musical background and love of classic films, like the classic crime-thriller Juice, have played a huge role in his lifestyle and in the life of the hip-hop industry. Having to grow into the 40 Below boot, literally and figuratively, Jada knew these boots conveyed a significant amount of culture and class. The 40 Below Boot not only speaks to the growing relationship between music, movies and fashion, but also to the foundation of family and nostalgia. In addition to having all-around style and comfort, “these boots make you feel invincible. You actually need 2 or 3 pair,” Jada explained. Get yours today and feel as good as you look. https://youtu.be/Ycu8GMHBZ3Y Available today at VILLA!