Introducing the New Balance X Jaden Smith Vision Racer

Jaden Smith is an international talent that easily made NB’s ambassador roster that much stronger. As an established actor and musical sensation, his youthful base aligns well with NB’s target audience. With already an illustrious line-up assembled, Jaden is fitting in quite well by simply standing out. 2019 marked his first year championing New Balance which was an immediate success. The brand's innovative technology advancements and rainbow colorways fit perfectly with Smith’s daring fashion choices. With one year in the history books, it is time to add another signature sneaker to the collection.

Behind the Design

As Jaden Smith’s first signature shoe, it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. If you’ve listened to CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3 or have seen the cover art, you can instantly see the influence in the color pallet. With total disregard for Winter, this eye-catching sneaker is equipped with a vibrant yellow shell. Inspirational components from the X-Racer keeps the shoe up to date with the current style.

While glimpses of the 1700 model are sprinkled in paying homage to Jaden’s favorite classic silhouette. The upper is synthetic leather alongside a polyester near the toe box. Covered in the shoelace unit, with vertical line patterns lead up to the easy to pull tongue tabs. Instead of the notorious ‘N’ logo, a 3M reflective section is made with a bold black outline for added shine. If you look closely, you’ll read “((vision))” flowing horizontally across the shoe. Chunky midsole grabs attention with every step as the translucent outsole with “((VISION))” bolder than ever at the bottom. Autographed insoles by Jaden Smith commemorate such a creative collaboration unlike any other.

The New Balance X Jaden Smith “Vision Racer” release on October 6, 2020, and retail for $150 USD both in stores and online at