Exclusive New Balance 990v5 ‘American Muscle’

The American 1950s was considered to be the ‘Golden Age of Capitalism’, a decade of skyrocketing economic growth. This new-found wealth benefited both the bosses and the workers alike, which resulted in increased salaries and wages. Originally, the American Dream was a single-family home with two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence. Access to money was starting to expand that dream directly to the front driveway. The luxury of a vehicle was starting to be a single-family household milestone, added to the American Dream.

Consumer spending in the country was on the rise, and so was the market car industry. Americans were astonished by seeing what car is the fastest and strongest on the road. Notoriously sought after models like the Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac GTO, and Shelby GT are just some of the many that laid down the pavement the way for driving fanatics today. Despite the cemented history of muscle models and horsepower, most of today’s innovations are made outside of the U.S. now. With plastic exteriors, fuel efficiency, and compact sizing being the new standard, America has lost that grit it once had.

Inside DTLR’s ‘Sneaker Lab’, Product Design Manager June Sanders was reflecting on all of the components that made ‘American Muscle’ cars a national phenomenon in its cultural prime. Key fundamentals like local manufacturing and human craftsmanship are the fibers of what made their name prominent in the automotive industry. Every mouse click became more intentional as June’s search for inspiration continued in the laboratory. With strength & resilience being the best words to describe ‘American Muscle’, June was mentally prepared to take his ideas and place them on the ideal silhouette.

Keeping the American theme in mind, the perfect tandem was to have New Balance be the ideal company to bring this idea to life. For over 75 years, New Balance has been manufacturing on U.S. soil. The silhouette of choice is the price shattering 990 running shoe model (specially M990v5). Homegrown upgrades to this original 1982 have been made to seamlessly transition with the times. Its contemporary look is sleek in design and light in weight so you can go full throttle in seconds. Black, Pacific Blue, and Silver mesh were hand-selected to further display valiance. The color pallet is significantly bold in appearance, with premium material mixes to highlight all of the bells and whistles. Continue to feel the need for speed as you set your sights on the Red-Yellow gradient ‘N’ logo is sure to give onlookers whiplash. Last but not least, a custom checkerboard shoe inserts for when you make it across that finish line (right into your bed).

American craftsmanship is commemorated with the celebratory ‘AM990’ colorway. If you love your sneakers fast and your car even faster, this is a shoe you don’t want to pass you by.

The Men's New Balance 990v5 ‘American Muscle’ is available Friday, August 14, 2020, in-store and online at DTLR.com

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