DTLR's Initiative to #KickingtheCurve

People around the world are being asked to help halt the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing. The idea is to “flatten to curve” in hopes of decreasing the risk of spreading the virus. We are asking you all to join in on this highly important cause so we can all remain safe and healthy.

Part of the beauty of social distancing is this trendy new wave of “creativity.” Individuals all over the world are using their drive for space and solitude to uplift the world through their skills and hobbies. Understanding that you can become socially social-distanced is allowing the world to feel closer than ever before. #KickingTheCurve is all about contributing to the better well-being of the world at home, and in style. We understand the urgency to showcase your summer fits is more of a crisis than ever before, but you don’t have to go outside to do so. DTLR is encouraging you all to participate in flattening the curve by showing us how you rock your sneakers in and around the crib. Kick it with your loved ones, shoot some cool pics and stay (home) safe!