DTLR VILLA Happenings: All-Star Weekend Meet & Greet

Saturday, February 16th kicks off the NBA All-Star Game festivities with Allen Iverson and Marcus Black

Saturday, February 16th

Location: Charolette, NC

Meet & Greet Allen Iverson: 12PM - 2PM

NBA legend Allen Iverson joins us for an exclusive appearance at Northlake Mall. There will be a VIP area for Iverson and guests who purchase the Reebok "Legacy". Guests will be able to try on the shoes and snap a few model poses in our optic area. Our venue will also include DTLR Radio. This event is sponsored by Reebok.

Meet & Greet Marcus Black: 5:30PM - 7:30PM

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star and rapper Marcus Black will be in attendance for a meet & greet at Westerly Station this Saturday. Guests will be able to participate in our DTLR Airstream and Game Truck. This event is sponsored by PUMA. Celebrity appearances and artist performances will also take place all weekend at these following night clubs: Club World, Club Cameo, Club SMG, Club Sage. See you there!