Daniel Arsham: Time Dilation

On this quiet winter morning over in Manhattan’s Lower East Side you can find some of today’s most influential Artist’s work, Daniel Arsham. Tucked away behind the Perrotin Gallery’s walls on Orchard Street holds three floors of masterpieces. Everything nostalgic to the late 90’s era child could wish for.

New York City Resident, Daniel Arsham has been making noise in the Art (and even streetwear) community for some time now. His works with Adidas, Kim Jones of Dior, and Ronnie Fieg has made him one of Fashion’s top Artist collaborators. His work often is monochromatic due to him being color blind and also reflects on making relics of current objects we’ve grown up around. Making casts and aging them through intricate processes.

Most recently Daniel has teamed up with the Pokemon brand to create sculptures of some of our favorite creatures from this Japanese Anime. Visiting the Perrotin we got to see an array of this new series along side with some other special pieces of paintings to even the cast molds itself.

Being a product from the 90's, seeing all of this in person actually does bring you back in time. There is something special to what Daniel is doing aging and distressing modern subjects to feel like an artifact. It makes you think what civilization will be like in a thousand years, and what the footprints we leave behind will be of importance.

The Show will be running until February 20th and still has some available showings left. If you have the time I highly suggest you go check out the Perrotin.