Converse "Seek Peace" Pack

The Black & White colorway of the CTAS signifies Converse's interpretation of the Yin and Yang philosophy on seeking peace and freedom.

Story by Kelvin Michael Wagner Jr.

Peace is not easily obtained in the home of the free, or anywhere for that matter. But to seek peace is a journey for the brave. Choosing a path of peace can bring you anxiety, sleepless nights, frustration and you might even lose a friend a two. But these obstacles are merely a test of faith to see if you have what it takes to achieve, what I like to call, happiness.

Happiness, or in other words freedom, is not common in youth these days. They would rather seek validation. Validation is stemming from uncertainty, but peace derives in difference. To be different in 2019 is to be yourself. Being born in 1992, I had the pleasure to see the end of the Industrial Age and the Beginning of the Internet era. This new way of life was the birth of public enemy #1, social media. Having the world at your fingertips was the end of peace. So for those of you who choose the path of peace (not many are like us), keep fighting for your freedom and the world being at your fingertips will be nothing compared to the world being your playground. PEACE AND BLESSINGS!

Story by Kelvin Michael Wagner Jr. Follow him on instagram @kelvinmichaeljr.

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