Champion Your City | Washington, D.C.

Read on to find out how D.C. resident, Tayo Junior, champions his city.

How did you get started off being a photographer?

I honestly have been taking photos since I was 9 years old but I started taking the craft much more seriously in college. I'd go around Philly taking street shots, "look up" shots of the skyline etc. and then things just started to evolve and develop into the passion that photography is for me.

What does the champion brand mean to you?

It means being the best you can be. As cliche as that is. To me, being a champion isn't necessarily about being #1 but about being consistent and persistent in whatever it is that you do. About never letting failures or setbacks hold you down but just continually striving to be the best in your field/craft.

Who would be your dream creative/artist to collaborate with? (living or dead)

Nabil. His creativity/art direction has always been something I've personally been enthralled by.

Any advice to someone who is trying to break into the creative industry?

Never lose the hunger. Hunger to learn. Hunger to create. Hunger to stand out from the crowd. The hunger you have shows and separates those that are doing stuff for clout from those who are doing stuff because of their passion.

What are some hidden gems in DC that everyone should know?

National Arboretum, The Gibson, Blind Whino

Top 3 places to eat?


2. Cheesecake Factory

3. My girl's place