Live Life In The Fast Lane With The New Champion Collection

Start your engines! It's time to drive in style.

Whether it’s a car you’ve been beautifying to flaunt on the road with or a dirt bike to pop a wheelie on, you need shoes and apparel that fit your lifestyle. Champion has dropped a line perfect for those who like to live fast. Each item was specifically designed to signify racing culture, while establishing a new everyday classic for people to wear.

Inspired by raceways and speed demons, the Champion Rally Pro is an ideal footwear while you're on the go. To put on with ease, you have two pull tabs in the front and rear. The elastic ankle band ensures a firm grip while you are moving at a fast pace. For foot insulation, the soft mesh gives you that needed air on those hot summer days. Laces are included, but you can also use the shoe strap to provide a more secure fit. To make the sneaker complete Champion logos are strategically placed on the outside upper, shoe strap, heel, and in the bottom sole. This instant classic is sold out (only available in kid sizes) and continues to turn heads.

Providing a convertible feel, the Champion Eighteen Big C Suede is agile, yet conservative. Fiery Red suede throughout the sneaker is smooth on your finger tips, but surprisingly durable. Champion logos are creatively copied inside of the shoe to match the larger version on the tongue and bottom sole. Solidified in comfortability, the white midsole is fairly durable in texture. Bubble gum soles in the lower is a nice touch to go along with the casual style of the shoe. Last but not least, the signature C boldly placed on the side respectfully.

Classic is what brands aim to reach when they release a line. Champion has managed to once again put out a quality release that symbolizes street culture. Join the revolution by buying your own piece of history.

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