Brand Closeup: Fall-Ready Levi's Essentials

Levi's gets us ready for Fall with flannel and denim!

The Levi's brand is layering up our wardrobes this fall and we can't wait! A true staple in the fashion game, Levi's is essential to our fall/winter wardrobes. We warmly welcome the idea of layering up with oversizes shirts, fleeces, hoodies, flannels, etc. As we keep our older Levi's keepsakes in heavy rotation, it's also time to stock new and essential pieces perfect for the season transitioning and beyond.

OG denim brand Levi's is the best for fleece, flannel and denim. These selected items are perfect layering pieces, with vintage-classic vibes for that staple look. For that everyday Lumberjack look, go for the Bello or Tusky Flannel Long-Sleeve Shirt. Levi's is more than a look, it's stylish and comfortable for the seasons ahead. The Knit Fleece Sweaters are perfect for layering up without the bulk. One of the stand-outs here include two Sherpa Trucker Jean Jackets, which features refined details and keeping your neck warm for when you want to skip scarf day. Alongside these essentials are classic Levi's 501 Original Jeans; perfectly paired with any of your favorite tops. Check below for our Levi's Fall/Winter 2019 Lookbook:

Bello Flannel Shirt $40
Tusky Flannel Shirt $40
Kuna Knit Fleece Sweater $62 | 501 Original Knee Ripped Fit Jeans $29.98
Kuna Knit Fleece Sweater $62 | 501 Original Knee Ripped Fit Jeans $29.98
Sherpa Trucker Denim Jacket (Black) $98
Sherpa Trucker Denim Jacket (Blue) $98

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