Behind The Design: Isaac Lin

We recently got to sit down with Philadelphia based Artist: Isaac Lin. He's recently released a few tee designs with Nike available: here.

How did you get started becoming an artist?

I really gravitated towards art during high school. I guess it’s during the time when I was going through identity stuff, realizing what being Asian American meant. I felt like I really wanted to do something more with my life that was fulfilling. Seeing my parents work a 9-5 every day made me realize I wanted to do Art. I really had to fight to go to Art school actually.

How did the Nike Project come to fruition?

They actually hit me up on Instagram. I had a show 2 years ago, in February 2018, that I had made a bunch of screen-printed tees of my designs. My buddy Steve from Nike saw it online and contacted me to do some work.

What keeps you motivated during these times?

Just working on paintings and house projects. Since I’ve been working from home, my wife and I have been working on our house. That helped us stay focus, it’s a space that we are collaborating on and are making it our own. Our cats have definitely been our therapy, having pets keep me sane. Painting has been very calming and keeps me off the phone the news

Any upcoming events?

I have a solo show coming up next year February 2021 at Fleisher/Ollman. I’m not sure how the pandemic will be then. But hopefully, a lot of people can come out.

Any message to younger creatives out there?

The things that helped me the most while coming up is surrounding yourself in a good creative community. It taught me a lot about work ethic and how to balance your regular job with your studio time. That kind of support group to help bounce ideas off was very helpful. Invest in your community and relationships.