Basketball: How the NBA Took Over America

In this article, we touch on the growing national status of basketball today.

Growing up, my grandfather often said that baseball was (and still is) America’s pastime. Football in the states began to pick up momentum and give baseball a run for its money. Nobody thought that basketball was going to grow at such an alarming rate. Due to its cultural popularity, you are able to live the NBA lifestyle one way or another.

There was a time when people who bought basketball signature shoes, intended to play basketball on a court. Now, consumers are sneaker fanatics who may admire the design, feel the colorway, or a mixture of both. Indirectly, we as everyday consumers are representing NBA stars by wearing their signature shoes.

Similar to sneakers, consumers purchase apparel and memorabilia of their favorite NBA basketball team. Caps, jerseys, posters, and bobbleheads are just a few items people buy to show love and support.

Video gaming has gained an enormous fan base over the decades. Players from all over come together to go head-to-head in NBA2K. In the game, you have the ability to develop a creative player fit to your preference. Arcades also have miniature hoops for players to shoot their best shot.

The greatest influence is television programming. NBA has partnered with multiple broadcasting stations to show games in mass syndication. Viewership has not only grown in the U.S. but has become a global pillar in the basketball community.