A's For J's Takes NYC | Student Profiles

Excitement filled the bus as VILLA and the A's For J's students embarked on a Jordan Brand themed day of fun activities. We arrived at Terminal 23, Jordan Brand's top notch Basketball facility for youth and high school players, and the adventures began. We partnered up with Triple Threat Mentoring for some entertaining team-building exercises. Some of the activities included a Jeopardy-inspired trivia game, a cool "Rock, Paper, Scissors" competition and a block-building avatar show-off. All of these exercises operated as ice-breakers to get the teens working together as a team and also facilitated relationships between the staff and the students.

What is A's For J's?

VILLA and Jordan Brand created A’s for J’s in 2013 to celebrate academic excellence—for every “A” earned in English, math and/or science each marking period, a student receives $25 credit on Jordan merchandise at VILLA store locations. This year, students will also receive a $25 credit if they maintain 90% or higher school attendance per marking period. Throughout the school year, A’s for J’s members are given the opportunity to participate in various educational, personal, and professional development events and programs.

Student Profiles

Our students shine so bright in and out of the classrooms that we decided to spotlight a few of them here. We shadowed Nyla, Ameen and Jhazima for the day to witness the afternoon through their perspective and to talk with them about college, their hobbies and their relationship with VILLA.

Meet Nyla Davis

Nyla is a Senior at Imhotep Institution Charter High School. She plans to study at Bowie State University as a Business Administration major. Nyla serves as a dedicated achiever in her high school, while tackling her leadership roles on the cheer team, prom committee and mock trial. VILLA: Why is college so important to you? Nyla: I wouldn't know what I would do if college wasn't an option. Attending a university offers great opportunities and is a great accomplishment. VILLA: What is your relationship with VILLA? Nyla: I love the incentives and scholarship opportunities VILLA offers. They really value knowledge and education. This is my 3rd year with A's For J's so education is clearly priority. VILLA: Do you have a favorite Jordan shoe? Nyla: Although I love the Jordan brand, I'm not a big sneakerhead. If I had to choose a favorite shoe, though, it would be the Puma Fenty Creeper.

Meet Ameen James

Ameen is a senior at West Philadelphia High School. He plans on attending Hampton University as a Business Major. Though quiet and easygoing, he holds some outstanding hidden talents. Ameen finds passion in music as a singer and a surprisingly good dancer. He showed off his talents during the dance contest at Terminal 3 and stunned us all! But after talking with Ameen one and one, I was not surprised.

VILLA: What do you look forward to most about college?

Ameen: I really want to know more about the music industry-- the music, the business, and everything! There are so many levels to the industry and I just want to be well-versed in all of it!

Meet Jhazima Jefferson

Jhazima is a senior at Kensington Capa and plans to study Theater at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Jhazima or "Jha" as her name-tag stated, has such a dynamic personality, so becoming a theater major is no surprise. She has been acting since the age of 8 and is involved in her school's productions. With her passion for film and culture, she is ready to take the world by storm.

VILLA: Why is the A's For J's Scholarship so important to you?

Jha: VILLA really appreciates a valued education and so do I. I can't wait to go to college! It's all about experiences, networking and opportunities. The more education, the greater the knowledge.

VILLA: Why do you want to become an actor?

Jha: I love acting! I admire Disney films and everything about the culture and art of cinematography.

VILLA: With your love for the arts, would you ever consider musical theater?

Jha: I'm not the greatest singer, but I would not be opposed to it. Being a performer means being well-versed in all fields.

VILLA: So, will you ever come back to NYC to see a Broadway play?

Jha: Absolutley!