A Look Inside Kanye West's New Album, "Ye"

The anticipation for Kanye West's new album 'Ye' is finally over.

“Ye,” a 7 song album coming out of the darkness accompanied with the marketing to back it up. As of the past month topics of Kanye have been in almost every conversation I’ve had with anyone that is a fan of fashion or music. “He’s crazy, he’s an idiot, he’s a moron.” Let’s not forget people. This is the guy that gave us 8 amazing albums (Yes, I’m an 808’s and Yeezus fan, sorry not sorry.) Not only that, but has signed some of the biggest names in music: 2 Chainz, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Pusha T. Where did Cy Hi and GLC go though? That’s for another conversation. Let’s get into the album. Kanye started the album with very dark lines about suicide and murder and that was no surprise to most. You could agree to disagree that the guy deals with mental issues. Quickly going into an aggressive tone with assistance on production from Benny Blanco, we are not disappointed. There’s definitely a great underlining vibe of “The Life of Pablo” through the first half of the album. I’m not mad about that. After catching a vibe from the first 2 tracks you’ll feel like running into your nearest Dillard’s and dropping your whole paycheck in the Ralph section. Pics were taken from Kanye's Wyoming Album Listening Party Midway through on Track 03, “Wouldn’t Leave” we’re assisted with the talents of PARTYNEXT DOOR, Jeremih, and Ty Dolla $ign. Yeezy gets deep here and addresses issues with his wife and how she didn’t leave him during his financial issues and his media out lashes. Really hit the feels with this one. “This is what they mean by 'for better or for worst,' right?” I guess third times the charm? Sorry Kris Humphries. “What about the old Kanye? What about the soul beats?” Is this something you’ve heard before? Most hip-hop enthusiasts would claim College Drop Out and Late Registrations are some of his best works. But let’s be realistic, what relevant artist has been making music for over a decade and has kept the same sound? Are you going to dress the same way at age 30 as you did at 20? Probably not. Don’t worry though, “05. No Mistakes” and “06. Ghost Town” has got you covered with great samples and vocals from Charlie Wilson and John Legend. This was a great transition sonically from the more modern sound that started off the album. We end with a beautiful track assisted by Dej Loaf and Nicki Minaj by the name of “Violent Crimes.” We get a glimpse of what being a father is like for the Loius Vuitton Don. This was easy listening on the ears. Short and sweet, the journey was. With what has been coming out from G.O.O.D. Music as of late, it’s safe to say I’m ready for the album with Cudi.

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