A Detailed look at the New Balance 992 “Classic Grey”

How do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been? Maya Angelou’s thought-provoking quote instantly came to mind when I heard about the classic silhouette is set to release. The Boston-based brand hasn’t forgotten where they started from in the slightest. New Balance’s 992 model is a fan favorite that consumers consistently cop on an annual basis. NB designers tirelessly worked like mad scientists to reinvent the classic shoe with enhanced features and advanced technology ideal in the year 2020.

Behind The Design

“Cool Grey” is a color that signifies elegant simplicity with a tonal color pallet that has quality fabrics. Soothing suede blends found on the eyestay, toe tip, and overall midsole. Perfectly placed in the middle of the quarter is the ‘N’ logo. The notorious letter is 3M reflective with a white border outlining its shape. The following suit is the written out, ‘new balance’ and miniature ‘N’ logo found on the tongue laced in white as well. Synthetic mesh blends on the perforation vents are intricately knitted for protection and ventilation. Grey gets even cooler with a charcoal color being used to highlight while providing sleek padding. Two-tone EVA midsoles are stacked up with innovative Ndurance technology built inside. Last but not least, the famous ‘USA’ heel stamp celebrating over 75years of authentic American craftsmanship.