A Closer Look: New Balance 992 “Multi”

Do you remember a world without color? One vivid example is “The Wizard of Oz” during the beginning credits. The tonal hues were fairly vague and were gloomy, to say the least. Later on in the movie, an immediate shift from black and white to color changed right before your eyes. Such a transition was mind-boggling at first sight, after getting accustomed to viewing muted colors for so long. A similar experience occurred after seeing the New Balance 992 “Multi” for the first time.

Behind the Design

Seeing sounds is an understatement once you feast your eyes on this diverse colorway. New Balance went bold by offering a new and improved silhouette with popping hues to match. At the top, you’ll notice a strong presence of green in the eyestays and shoelaces. Intricate details are found where a hint of green differs from the rest for added flare. Golden accents of yellow are seen on the eyelets, top line, and the notorious “N” logo respectively. The 992 on the tongue logo follows suit by being yellow, with black covering the rest. A collision occurred on the midsole where a color block combination was used. Royal on the heel notch, vamp, and perforation vents are cooler than the other side of the pillow. Orange on the heel counter, mudguard, and toe tip blends perfectly with the matching triple stitching sewed across the border.

The C-CAP compression-modeled EVA midsole is white and layered like a cake. Ndurance technology is another quality feature added to assist you in keeping your feet comfortable no matter the obstacle. Red accents appear on the heel stabilizer and a few spots on the outsole. The rubber outsole, however, is a purple foundation equipped with durable ridges for foot traction. If you have a closet full of NB’s, this is a colorway that will clearly set itself apart from the rest.