A Closer Look at the New Air Max 95 SE

This may vary for every sneakerhead, but the first Air Max that was brought to my attention was the AM 95.

The AM 95 shows how impressionable hues can be on a sneaker. Instead of choosing to make the colors change with movement, the 95 displays a multitude of colors within the same group (along with an outlier color for pizzazz). Various color shifts and all-purpose wear easily made the 95 a strong contender as the #1 pick among Air Max enthusiasts.

It is amazing how fabrics can make all the difference in the appearance of a shoe. Nike kept the upper mesh for your feet to breathe during moments of movement. Horizontal dot patterns appear at the far end for added flare). The midsole is leather/synthetic leather from the back to the tip. The leather touch provides a durable texture ideal for fun activities. 3 solar red air units ensure that each step is easier than the next. With this genius lacing system in place, you can tie up your shoes as tight as you can to reinforce a firm fit.

The Nike Air Max 95 SE is out now on DTLR.com and at local DTLR/VILLA locations. Click Here to shop.