1st x Puma RS-X ‘Trophy’ Photography Experience

Photography meets style and grace at this 1st x PUMA RS-X 'Trophy' event.

Last night a few lucky people were hand selected to attend photography workshop led by one of our industry’s top photographer’s, 1st. The energy and vibe was set to a perfect setting in a private discrete location in New York City’s Meat Packing District. As a partnership with Puma, everyone got to network and shoot Puma’s newest model, the RS-X ‘Trophy’. For those of you unfamiliar with 1st, he’s one of the this generation’s lead street photographers on the scene. Having this event in such an intimate setting gave upcoming photographers the chance to ask great questions and to get a unique experience to which they wouldn’t normally have. Not only was everyone gifted a new pair of Puma RS-X Trophies, there was a customize Scarface movie set to shoot on. Highlights of the evening included the PUMA RS-X Trophy, of course, a private photo workshop with upcoming photographers and a custom Scarface photo set.