When it comes to fashion and music, Jahlil Beats definitely knows the strong bond both elements play in today’s culture. That’s why VILLA is taking another step towards strengthening that relationship by collaborating with the Timberland brand and featuring, yet another, talented hip-hop artist.

Jahlil Beats is no stranger to the game of hip hop. His passion started at the age of 12, escaping him from the everyday pressures of his community in Chester, PA. Over the years, he was able to master his craft and impact his look through his love for streetwear. From his artistry to his choice of attire, Jahlil has a keen eye for design and is a phenomenal influence of what it means to stay fresh in the game. The ‘Sundown Brogue 6” Premium Boot’ was perfectly designed by Timberland to resemble the night time sky after hours and affirms the appeal that Jahlil looks for and rocks every day. So, rock the Sundown Brogue Boot and take a little bit of sunset with you.

We sat down with Jahlil Beats to talk about his influence in style and music.

Q: When it comes to your style of production can you describe how it matches your fashion style?
A: I'm from the streets so that's a huge influence on my music and style. I'm a huge fan of street wear brands.

Q: Can you tell us what you like about the Villa Exclusive Sun Dow Timberland Brogue?
A: The thing i love the most about them is the wing tip design. Crazy idea and fresh design. Def a must cop.

Q: You work with a lot of people in the industry how important do you think fashion is to artist career?
A: It's pretty much mandatory, hip hop culture was mainly built off of fashion. If you wanna be apart of this culture you gotta stay fresh. Esp. Now a days most of these artist are getting by mainly because of there swagger.

Q: Can you give us a little background on you and VILLA relationship?
A: The Villa always supported me and believed in my vision, i'm very happy and grateful for our partnership the Villa have been rocking with me for years.

Q: What can we look forward to in 2017 from Jahlil beats?
A: A ton hits and my Label Tandem Music Group breaking new talent.

Releases Friday, December 16