GLD Double Cuban Bracelet (Gold)
GLD Double Cuban Bracelet (Gold)
GLD Double Cuban Bracelet (Gold)


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Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, two young longtime best friends had a goal - one that refused to conform and constantly searched for a way to create something bigger than themselves. When they were young, they joined their hometown gang called the City Biking Kids. Riding their bikes all around the city allowed them to spend a lot of time immersed in the city's street culture, which inspired their impact on their interest in urban fashion and jewelry. The exposure to art and dedication to success has allowed their brand to capture interest of big name artists and style influences. Only 21 years old, these guys are making bold statement pieces of jewelry and establishing a lifestyle brand with a well-defined vision: to recognize, embrace and express individuality. The GLD Double Cuban Bracelet (Gold) is Available now!

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