Nike Doernbecher Collection

Introducing The Doernbecher Freestyle 2018 Collection

15 years ago, former Nike creative director Michael Doherty followed through on a vision from his son, Connor: what if Doernbecher patients could design their own Nike shoes, working alongside Nike designers and developer teams, and then donate the proceeds to the hospital?

The evolution of that idea – what is now Doernbecher Freestyle, wherein each year, six hospital patients design a Nike silhouette and apparel – has raised nearly $20 million for Doernbecher, contributing to new treatments and better care for kids by advancing medical research and supporting the work of pediatric specialists. It’s also earned a devoted following in the sneaker community.

The biggest impact of Freestyle, though, can’t be measured in dollar signs or by a stethoscope: it brings back hope for the kids, and instills a sense of creative control when agency over their own lives can feel lost.

Meet The Freestyle XV Patient Designers


Age 10 from Portland, Ore. Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis Secret talent: Making people smile


Age 9 from White City, Ore. Diagnosis: Brain vascular malformation Dream vacation: Disney World and NASA


Age 15 from Salem, Ore. Diagnosis: Stroke and heart transplant Most prized possession: Her new heart


Age 12 from Scappoose, Ore. Diagnosis: Duchenne muscular dystrophy Favorite animal: Sea turtle


Age 11 from Portland, Ore. Diagnosis: Crohn’s disease/colitis Favorite meal: Hamburger and fries


Age 11 from Riddle, Ore. Diagnosis: Meningococcal infection and kidney transplant Hero: Mom