Pertaining to its very inclusive name, the 247 incorporated various product details from all New Balance shoes. “The Collective” 247 is designed for style and comfort. This unisex sneaker is made with pig suede vamp and custom micro-perf pattern. The outsole is detailed with a white and gum base. The remaining colorful canvas is beautifully portraited with estate blue, glacier grey, hints of soft pink and cool blue. The pig suede saddle is stamped with the leather N logo and reflective N underlay. The midsole contains RevLite with the three-color paint and re-ground gum rubber outsole. The shoe is finished with a leather heel, pig suede color strap and tongue label, reflective rope laces and reflective heel webbing.
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The Art of Collaboration

Read the story behind our exclusive New Balance 247 silhouette

The first exclusive from the VILLA and New Balance partnership tackles the advanced New Balance 247 silhouette. Dubbed as the “The Collective,” the sneaker is a perfectly painted illustration that celebrates the meaning of a group of artists and artwork working together. Having a variety of colors and characteristics ensures cohesiveness and beauty in the final product. As we surface throughout our neighborhoods and communities, we become a part of this contemporary society that is greatly affected by interactions with visual culture. From murals, tags, stickers, graffiti, rollers and installations, artwork enriches a vibrant community of artists every day. Working together as a collective to form artistic expression creates a shared experience for everyone who witnesses it. Most importantly, a collective teaches us that a blank canvas becomes a masterpiece when it provides a cohesive collection of colors, shapes and diverse ideas.

We connected with contemporary artist Ron English to serve as a creative ambassador to influence the launch of The New Balance 247 “The Collective.” Ron English is one of the most prolific artists of our time. Coined with the term POPaganda, his work is described as a mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones and has been seen in museums, movies, television and all around the streets.